Omni-channel – latest buzz word or fundamental necessity?

Couple Shopping On-line

Multi-channel has seen a huge step change in retailing and it’s one most retailers have more or less embraced. It’s a term we’ve all gotten used to and a strategy that continues to challenge everyone. For customers, it means enjoying a better experience with more choice and convenience in how they interact with your brand and purchase products, without the restrictions of high street opening hours or different time zones. For Retailers it means benefiting from far greater reach than would otherwise be possible, without…

The Cross Channel Experience

Crew Clothing - Successful Onmi-channel Retailer

This month, Internet Retail Magazine has published a special supplement focusing on the Omni-Channel retail experience.   Futura were proud to feature as one of the contributors in the supplement looking at the ways technology should support what the customer expects from today’s retailer when it comes to ‘knowing’ their clients and delivering a seamless service across channels.   Giftcards, Customer Loyalty, Stock management; all issues that are heavily dependent on having the right retail software solution both in store and on-line. Other topics focused on include…

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