Christmas Preparations – Promotions that hit the mark and monitoring till behaviour


With Black Friday fast approaching and the Christmas season already underway, now is the time you should be finalising Promotions and Discounts for the festive season. You should also be thinking about till security. Promotions and Discounts Your Futura software includes multiple screens where promotions and discounts can be created, all with a wide range of options. But which screen you use will depend on the type of promotion or discount you plan to run and whether these are applied automatically or manually at the…

Making Till Receipts Work Harder

Customer Collecting Till Receipts

How often do you think about the humble till receipt? It is, of course, an essential record of each transaction and if a customer needs to return something they need to hang on to it. But in the run-up to the festive season you might be thinking about how you can turn your till receipts into promotional tools, or at the very least make them work harder.  Perhaps you want to change or modify the text printed on your receipts. Maybe add a Christmas greeting,…

Best ten features in the latest version of Futura – 3.34

futura4data-new-version 3.34

There are a whole host of additional features and product upgrades to improve functionality, productivity and ease of use in version 3.34 of Futura.  Some will add new or extended capabilities either requested by users, or identified as part of a programme of continuous improvement, and others are improvements to processes and screens you are already familiar with. The new version is available now, some of you have it already, if you need help with implementing or understanding any of the features or are undecided…

Easier & faster… with Futura4Data


Getting data in and out of your retail system is one of those essential tasks that many of you are probably faced with every day and one that can be quite laborious and time-consuming, especially if you are typing information in manually. That’s why we created Futura4Data – a flexible user-friendly interface to import and export bulk data in Futura using files rather than manual data entry. Its designed to save you time, improve accuracy and even automate recurring tasks. It’s a modular solution covering…

Merry Christmas From Futura – 2017 Highlights


Futura’s 2017 User Group was a chance for Futura’s customers to hear of key technical developments, meet like-minded retailers and learn more about optimising their EPOS platform over 2 days. The feedback from the event was very positive, the topics that generated the most interest were:

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