T J Hughes - Switching legacy systems

Liverpool-based department store group T J Hughes was acquired from Administrators back in 2011 and in the hands of managing director Anil Juneja is expanding fast, with ambitions to build an estate of 60 sites, five more than the brand’s original peak.

T J Hughes Store Front

Today with some 900 staff and 17 stores plus a growing online presence the company has replaced a tired legacy retail system with Futura deployed across 190 tills and 25 users at head office. The goal is a robust and modern retail environment, capable of supporting the company’s omni-channel business model and one that is fully scalable.

With some 35,000 SKUs Futura software is also managing stock for T J Hughes online - www.tjhughes.co.uk - and providing the integration to the company’s existing e-commerce provider and to the Peoplevox warehouse platform.

T J Hughes Store Front 2

Managing Director Anil Juneja who managed the acquisition of T J Hughes in 2011 explains: “Switching to Futura has enabled us to remove ageing systems from the business and to simplify our systems architecture to better support and optimise core business functions. It also means we can reduce unpredictable support costs for legacy systems and at the same time introduce new functionality both internally and customer facing, to help drive performance.”

  • 190 tills & 25 head office users
  • Integration with e-commerce & Peoplevox warehouse platforms
  • Merchandising, inventory control & business intelligence
  • Click and Collect, Loyalty Points and Giftcards

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