Squirrel Loyalty, from Futura, is a brand new, real-time, points-based, loyalty card system that ensures incentives and rewards are consistent across channels and up-to-date customer and purchase data is available in real-time, anywhere in the business, for analysis of customer shopping behaviour. 

Real-time integration with other web and e-commerce solutions plus live links to CRM and marketing systems drives email marketing and promotions based on customer preferences and purchasing data.

Customers can earn and redeem points in store or online, using their swipe card or customer number. Forgotten cards are not a problem as fast postcode look up can be used to identify the customer at the till, and head office functionality also allows the option to credit transactions at a later date. Accumulated points can be redeemed against future purchases, with options for full or part payment.


Point rules for Squirrel are defined by head office and can be set at item level or by product hierarchy; points can be earned on total spend and ‘double points’ promotions, for example, can be run on specific lines or departments.  In addition, each branch can be assigned their own points awards and further flexibility is possible with promotional points, which include a defined date/time range. Points expiry options are included too.


A further feature allows multiple account types to reward different types of customer. For example, if a customer accumulates a set number of points, they can be moved up a level, to improve brand engagement, which in turn might earn them more points or make them eligible for other offers.

Futura’s Squirrel Loyalty is designed to make account creation and card management simple and straightforward with minimal head office manpower required. New accounts or cards are pre-loaded into FuturaERS as empty address records and pre-printed cards can then be distributed, allowing branches to sign up customers immediately, who in turn can earn points straight away.

Till receipts are printed with the customers’ points balance, points earned and points redeemed. In addition, ten optional message lines can be printed allowing head office to include further information or promotional messages

Key features:

  • Real Time data
  • Ability to link to 3rd party systems
  • Earn points at the POS with your Loyalty Card
  • Redeem Points at the POS with your Loyalty Card
  • Points Spent, Earned & redeemed on Receipts 
  • marketing messages can be printed on receipts 
  • Link to Web sites for sales.
  • Earn Points from 3rd party devices
  • Points Expiry available
  • Promotion point options
  • Redeem points in “blocks” 

Morleys Stores launch Squirrel Loyalty in new Bexley Heath Store.