Menarys Reward Me

Customer satisfaction and loyalty can be influenced by multiple factors with price, quality and service high on the list. If you want to actively reward your customers too, and create effective personalised promotions, Futura provides an affordable points-based reward card solution that integrates seamlessly at the till.

With Futura4Loyalty you can capture customer details and spending activity easily, and apply loyalty points automatically to each transaction. These can be redeemed in store or online. Period statements, vouchers and promotions can be auto-emailed, or sent by post.

The data you collect is easily analysed so you can see exactly what customers are buying and create personalised offers and promotions more precisely targeted to specific age ranges and preferences, or invitations to exclusive events and previews to make your customers feel special.

The system is simple to customise to reflect your brand and comprehensive features give you complete control, covering areas like Address and Account Management, Points Configuration, Statement Set-up, Quick Input Screen for manual account changes, and Reporting. Multiple account types can also be configured depending on individual spending levels, adding further flexibility.

Key features:

  • Easily customised and affordable solution
  • Quick account set up and management
  • Activate cards at the till, by email or online
  • Multiple account types 
  • Fully integrated with POS software
  • Omni-channel solution with support for text, email & postal offers
  • Full audit control with comprehensive reporting suite
  • Flexible statement management
Click here to read how Womenswear retailer, Autonomy, lauched Futura4Loyalty and signed up 25,000 customers in the first 6 months.

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