Merchandise Planning

Your ability to plan inventory, maximise sales potential and minimise losses from mark-downs and stock-outs is crucial. With Futura’s fully integrated ‘Open to Buy’ facility, it’s easier to manage stock, plan purchases and budget effectively.

Inventory Control

Good Inventory Control will ensure the right level of stock across your business and Futura continually calculates an optimal target stock figure, to simplify purchase ordering and replenishments. This makes sure you maximise profits, with the right amount of stock, in the right place, at the right time.

Stock Allocations

Importantly, Futura helps you achieve accurate stock allocations first time, every time. It means you can confidently assign item quantities to stores and web sales, based on performance history as well as demand forecasts. In addition, dynamic automatic replenishments ensure you can maximise sales opportunities without over ordering.

The system will suggest inter-branch transfers to move excess stock around in your business to where it is selling best, before automatic, intelligent stock replenishment and allocation between warehouse, store and web. With sophisticated "what if" functionality you can even see the effects of buying one range over another and avoid over-ordering on unpopular items or fringe sizes.

Key strengths:

  • "Open to buy" budgets with remote access
  • Multi-dimensional product hierarchy
  • Manage seasonal and core product
  • Budgets - top down, bottom up analysis
  • Weekly stock and sales reports
  • Fast response to sales trends
  • Accurate Allocations
  • Automatic Replenishments