Stock Control

Todays retailers rely more on robust stock control than ever before to reduce exposure, minimise capital outlay and maximise margins. From goods in, to branch sales, to customer returns – every aspect is crucial. To avoid mistakes, markdowns in one channel, out-of-stocks in another, requires an integrated real time view of your entire inventory, across all your channels, your warehouse, even goods in-transit.

Real-time data

With Futura you get sophisticated stock control at the heart of your systems — real-time data so you can improve forecasting and buying decisions, balance stock across your business, monitor supplier performance, and run ‘live’ stock enquiries from the till.  What’s more, intelligent stock replenishment, allocations from warehouse to store and web, and system prompts for inter-branch transfers are standard. 

Futura’s mobile scanning solution, Futura4Scan, makes it simple and accurate to log goods received, carry out stock checks, and manage branch and warehouse transfers, as well as supplier and customer returns. The result is full visibility and tight control of stock as it moves around your business.

“Accurate forecasting allows us to maximise returns by increasing production, allocating stock to the stores selling lines most quickly, enabling stores and concessions to make better use of space”
Stephen Spetch,  Director of Operations, Oneida

Key Functionality:

  • Goods In
  • Estate wide ‘live’ Stock Display 
  • Stocktaking by supplier, category, all items.
  • Tracking of in-transit stock
  • Mobile scanning