Your store is the front line of your business so performance is crucial. With support from a single store with one point of sale, to a multi-branch system or departmental store network, including concessions and franchise operations, Futura provides a feature rich and completely scalable solution.

Monitor Performance

Linking stores, head office and warehouse in one seamless system gives you complete visibility with live data and strong management control. It’s easy to monitor performance, improve ordering and store replenishment. Sales flows during the day and individual productivity levels make it easier to get staffing right and authorisation levels and tracking can be set to limit access to required functions. Additionally, you can block suspicious user behaviours and cashing up procedures can be enforced to prevent errors.

Touch Screen EPOS

A sophisticated, but easy to learn and use, touch screen EPOS solution will equip staff everything needed for fast and accurate transactions with the focus on customer service. Immediate stock checks, estate wide product lookups, smooth order processing and accurate customer data capture for special orders, loyalty rewards and promotions are just some of the features your store network will enjoy.

Reliability is crucial too. Futura is designed to ensure your trading is always on and drama free. Should your network connection fail, the system remains fully operational, with an integrated batch system that will collect, consolidate and send all your trading data as soon as the connection is restored.


  • Highly Scalable
  • Feature rich EPOS solution
  • Full stock visibility
  • Live data
  • Accurate customer data capture
  • Access control & Security built in