Futura4POSFutura4POS is our new 4th generation, enterprise level, EPOS solution. Written in Java and taking advantage of web services it delivers a real-time, international, hardware independent retail environment. If you are expanding operations or trading internationally, it’s the perfect solution.


With support for multiple currencies and languages, including Chinese and Japanese, Futura4POS is fully scalable, highly flexible and easily customised, designed for central configuration and deployment. Changes and updates, including pricing and promotions, cascade out and synchronise automatically across your estate, reducing overheads and cost of ownership.

Omni-channel integration provides you with a seamless customer experience in store and online. Customers can browse and reserve, click and collect, purchase and return, all cross-channel. In the same way they can redeem coupons and gift vouchers and collect and spend loyalty points wherever they go.

Futura4POS is hardware and database independent, and takes a ‘best in breed’ approach to head office systems. That means complete flexibility to integrate with Futura’s own back office retail management solutions or other enterprise platforms including SAP and Oracle.

A service oriented architecture and intelligent communication, means real-time access to the data you need including sales performance, stock information, loyalty systems and customer data, with a continuous up-to-date view of all stores across your estate and in different time zones. A full offline mode ensures continuity of trading even if stores experience network interruptions.

The use of web services and JAVA plug-ins makes it simple to integrate a wealth of additional services and functionality, including gift card and loyalty modules, Chip & PIN, contactless payment, e-commerce, warehousing and CRM systems.

  • Omni-channel integration

  • Multi-currency, multi-language

  • Live-stock information from all branches

  • Fully customizable touch operation for all branch functions

  • Integrated CRM

  • Hardware independent

  • Mobile ready