Back Office

Futura back office functionality handles everything your store management needs for efficient day-to-day operations, including: opening and cashing-up procedures, time and attendance management, inventory control, goods-in, in-store promotions, stock requests and reporting.

Busy managers are never far away from the information they need to react quickly to issues and demands, Futura will provides full visibility of live sales and stock data to drive strong decision making. Flexible reporting, with dozens of options, makes it simple to analyse in store data and report on every aspect of the business including employee productivity, stock levels, sales by department, supplier or at item level.

Promotions and labelling options are available in store - essential for store specific products, special offers and discounts.  

The time consuming back offices tasks of Goods In, transferring stock between stores and stock taking can all be streamlined with the use of mobile scanners to both speed up these tasks and improve their accuracy.

With Futura you’ve got it covered.


  • Stock visibility
  • Live sales data
  • Inventory control
  • Promotions 
  • Stock request
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Employee management 
  • Inter branch Transfers
  • Goods In