Omni-channel Integration

With ever more customers shopping online you’ll need a single real-time view of stock availability and sales performance right across your business to avoid lost sales and deliver a consistent, high quality shopping experience.

Central management control of stock

If you want a flexible, integrated approach, linking stores, web and other channels in one seamless system then look at Futura. There’s no duplication or manual reconciliation. Central management control of stock and instant visibility of trading performance improves buying decisions and ensures stock allocations and replenishments are accurate every time.

You can easily allocate stock to web or catalogue sales for order fulfilment and raise purchase orders automatically to simplify the fulfilment process. It’s even possible to ring- fence stock for different parts of your business with virtual locations within Futura, even if goods are held in the same physical location in your warehouse.

Customer Marketing and Promotions

Combining customer databases from the web and stores, within Futura, will give you a powerful resource for customer marketing and promotions. Adding Futura4loyalty and e-gift cards will enrich sales and improve your customer experience.

“Data from Futura allows Cath Kidston to analyse cross-channel customer buying trends – for example whether some types of customer buy mainly online or predominantly in-store or regularly buy goods both in the high street and on the internet.”
Mike Padfield, IT Director Cath Kidston

Features of Omni-channel Integration:

  • Integrated multi-channel POS software solution
  • Single real time view of trading performance across all channels
  • No duplication or manual reconciliations
  • Straight forward stock allocations and intelligent replenishment
  • Optimum stock levels as all channels administrated centrally
  • Higher level of customer service across all channels
  • Centralised customer database
  • Ability to add Loyalty and E-gift card modules