Crew PictureTailor made for Fashion Retail

Fashion is one of the toughest retail sectors to get right. An EPOS and inventory management solution that provides flexible product categories, enabling you to manage and report on multiple variables - everything from style and size, to colours, fabrics and season – is essential.

Manage All your Channels

A full omni-channel solution, Futura gives you complete visibility and management control, easy data capture to track and understand your customers and real-time centralised stock management across all your channels. It’s easy to monitor performance, improve ordering and store replenishment, optimise stock and make confident merchandising decisions.

Merchandising Strengths

Features like predictive ordering, automatic recommended re-ordering and stock allocations help to minimise costly markdowns. And with powerful sales and stock analysis, including historic data, you can accurately adjust size curves and reduce over-ordering on unpopular colours and fringe sizes.

Integrated e-gift cards, loyalty points, personalised promotions and a host of additional features help to make Futura the complete solution for Fashion Retail and the system of choice for brands like: High and Mighty, Crombie, Rigby & Peller, Esprit, Cath Kidston, Olsen, Greenwoods Menswear, Bosideng and Tommy Hilfiger.

Key Functionality for Fashion:

  • Flexible product categories & colour / size matrix
  • Accurate size curves & fringe size management
  • Sophisticated EPOS solution
  • Omni-channel integration with ‘real time’ stock management
  • Predictive ordering, automatic recommended re-ordering and stock allocations
  • Integrated e-gift cards and customer loyalty points
  • Easy customer data capture
  • Special ‘Fashion Order’ functionality for buyers at remote locations


"Futura Analyser, will give us weekly and daily flash reports to enable us to monitor sales and margin performance by product and by branch so we'll have much better control of the business".

Karen Wang, Information Director, Greenwoods Menswear


“Futura’s comprehensive reporting ability, unmatched merchandising qualities and affordability make it the natural choice for us. We plan to use Futura’s gift card and loyalty system to drive loyalty and increase customer spending”.

Paula Moffatt, Merchandising Director, Bosideng