FREYWILLE – exclusive enamel jewellery

With more than 100 dedicated boutiques worldwide the Vienna-based enamel jewellery specialist FREYWILLE began standardising on Futura in 2012 selecting Futura4POS to replace independent POS solutions in stores from Europe to Australia.

Querying stock data anywhere in the world 

In their Vienna headquarters, artists, goldsmiths and enamel specialists create unique limited edition jewellery pieces, made of special fire enamel and gold. To ensure that a customer from London for example can obtain the item they are looking for, up-to-date information about what's available across the company’s store network is essential.

Freywell Shop front

“Our goal is to introduce a company-wide POS system for all our boutiques which links all POS stations together in a network,” says Katharina Adametz, FREYWILLE's Communication Manager. 

FREYWILLE currently uses Futura4POS at 28 POS stations. Requesting data about products in stock across a range of stores is now possible currently in eleven countries, none of which share the same language or currency. According to Adametz, “Every boutique using Futura4POS can request stock data for a specific product from any other boutique worldwide at the POS station.” 

Introduction of barcodes

Freywell productsAdding a range of top-quality accessories such as silk scarves, ties, bags and writing instruments has significantly increased the number of stock items to be maintained. But as more stores have migrated to Futura, the easier item registration has become. “In the course of the changeover to Futura4POS, we introduced barcodes for the first time ever, so that we can use scanners for our sale and inventory count processes in stores,” Adametz explains. Physical inventories are performed with Futura4Scan devices supplied by Futura. 

Premium watches and 18 carat jewellery pieces are registered as unique items under a serial number. This provides full transparency for the entire retail chain, from production to sale to the end customer. For these items the serial number is included in the barcode and can therefore be scanned. 

  • 4th generation Futura4POS
  • Fully scalable, international POS solution
  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • Real time stock and sales data 

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