Pushing sales beyond the magic £100 million

Camp Hopson of Newbury

It’s been a busy time for Morleys Stores, the London-based independent department store group. Camp Hopson in Newbury, a feature of the Berkshire market town since 1921, became store number eight at the end of 2014. It’s clearly a good fit for the group and Morley’s head office management team expect the acquisition to help push sales beyond the magic £100 million mark. Of course integrating the new business to take advantage of centralised buying and streamlined operations, while maintaining the independent character of the…

Loyalty – Get Closer to your Customers

Menarys Store

Loyalty programmes are no longer the sole domain of large grocery or high-street chains.   For many retailers the thought of more equipment or processes at the till could seem off putting, but today’s loyalty card schemes are fully integrated, collecting customer data at the till or on the web, quickly and easily. Loyalty card schemes offer smart retailers a chance to understand what their customers like best, engage customers on an on-going basis and boost sales – often by as much as 10%. For…

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