Making Till Receipts Work Harder

Customer Collecting Till Receipts

How often do you think about the humble till receipt? It is, of course, an essential record of each transaction and if a customer needs to return something they need to hang on to it.

But in the run-up to the festive season you might be thinking about how you can turn your till receipts into promotional tools, or at the very least make them work harder. 

Perhaps you want to change or modify the text printed on your receipts. Maybe add a Christmas greeting, alert customers to extended Christmas refund policies, or highlight any special offers you are running. You might even be thinking of switching to digital receipts, a trend that is catching on fast.

The good news is that whatever your need Futura provides a complete toolbox of options to help you customise your till receipts and extend customer interaction beyond the store. Through our partnership with yReceipts, it’s a simple step to fully integrate email receipts at the till too. 

You can add or modify header and footer text printed on your receipts using the Receipt Texts module. This is accessed from the Futura menu and if you haven’t used it before it’s an easy way to make changes.

The Receipt Texts module allows you to convey any information you choose, this might include special offers, competitions, seasons greetings, thank you messages, exchange and refund policies, or edited contact information.

To learn more, why not download our step-by-step instructions here.

Adding a QR Code is another simple way to customise your receipts, a feature available in the latest version of Futura. Printing a QR Code can direct customers to a specific web page for special offers, competitions, or a sign-up page for newsletters and other promotions.

Gift Receipts help to improve the customer experience and the speed with which these can be created is now optimised in Futura. A checkbox against each till item allows you to select which items to print on each gift receipt, and you can create different gift receipts for different purchase items, all within the same till transaction. A big time-saver when the store is busy. Here the footer text can also be edited to create specific marketing, product return or refund messages.

If you are thinking about email receipts, then yReceipts is our recommended option. Fully integrated with Futura’s EPoS software it’s very straightforward to implement. 73 Retail, the UK franchise partner for Timberland and The North Face, and other Futura users are already benefiting.

It’s one of the simplest ways to add value and convenience to your customer experience and at the same time can be used to encourage feedback and interaction away from the store. This might be through social media and product reviews, as well as promotions for related products and special offers.

Adding email receipts has also been shown to dramatically improve marketing opt-in rates, and the new customer data capture screen in Futura ensures the process is intuitive and fast. So, you can quickly capture new email data, set marketing preferences, or search rapidly for existing customers.

Finally, don’t forget Receipt Returns which will inevitably increase during the Christmas period and beyond. Queue busting here is essential, but the simple inclusion of a barcode printed on the receipt and which can be scanned at the till, will make all the difference, increasing speed and accuracy.

So, there are lots you can do to make till receipts work harder. For help or information email [email protected] or call the Futura support desk on 01189 841925.

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