Going paperless… at the till

Sometimes an innovation comes along that’s so obvious you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. yReceipts, which delivers email receipts direct from the till, falls straight into that category. It’s certainly worth a closer look.

It’s one of the simplest ways to add value to your customer experience and at the same time encourages customer interaction beyond the store. You can use it to automatically promote offers and related products, and it is straightforward to implement with your Futura EPOS platform.

Timberland Email Receipt

Timberland Email Receipt

yReceipts makes the whole process paperless. Customers receive a digital receipt emailed to their inbox, straight from the till. It means customers are less likely to lose important receipts, essential for warranties. You use less paper so it’s better for the environment. And it ensures better customer data capture too.

Specialist fashion retail business 73 Retail, a UK franchise partner for Timberland, The North Face and other brands, is one of the first Futura users to offer this functionality to customers at stores across the South of England. First discussed as a concept in May this year, Futura’s development team were able to deploy the solution for 73 Retail within a couple of months. The functionality is available and live, and we expect other Futura customer deployments to follow.

Inplementing the yReceipts application with Futura adds a further layer to customer service making shopping easier, improving customer data capture and encouraging feedback. Receipts are fully customised to maintain store branding and can include targeted offers, real-time feedback and social media integration to increase customer interaction.

Luke Underhill, Founding Director, 73 Retail said: “As exclusive UK franchise partners for Timberland and other brands, the Futura retail platform provides a rock solid retail solution for a multifaceted business model like ours. Adding yReceipts functionality not only improves the customer experience, but encourages immediate interaction and feedback with immeasurable value both to us and our retail partners.”

We are already working closely with a number of lifestyle retailers to integrate yReceipts. If you would like to know more about how you could benefit click here or call the Futura support team for more information.

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