From disaster to opportunity – a face lift for Clerys

Nobody wants a disaster but just sometimes it can be a real opportunity, and for Clerys department store, part of Dublin’s retail landscape since 1853, a flood in 2013 provided the impetus to completely remodel the store.

While adding glamorous new interiors to ensure its continued attraction as a Dublin shopping destination and one of the world’s first purpose-built department stores, the makeover also provided the opportunity to re-evaluate its shop floor technology.  Clerys wanted to improve the customer experience and tightly integrate its many concession partners.

Aures Sango in use in Clery

AURES’ sangos in use in Clerys

Clerys has used the Futura EPOS software and retail management system since 2005, but concession partners, who make up 60% of the business, previously had the option of using their own till system. The resulting mix of systems meant customers frequently moving from one till to another to pay for their purchases – not something that was conducive to a relaxing and positive customer experience.

The answer for Nigel Brookes, Head of IT at Clerys, was to standardise on the Futura EPOS solution for all 94 tills throughout the store and at the same time to migrate to the state-of-the-art ‘Sango’ touch screen EPOS hardware from AURES.

Clerys reopened for business in record time and the benefits have been felt across the store. Nigel Brookes explains: “We’re a progressive company and our new store succeeds in marrying history and innovation.  Our technology today builds on our history with Futura and our confidence in their solution and introduced the fantastic sango tills”.

Thanks to Futura and AURES, we have a better sales flow and the customer experience is hugely better, whether they’re buying a Clerys product or from a concession brand.

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