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Getting data in and out of your retail system is one of those essential tasks that many of you are probably faced with every day and one that can be quite laborious and time-consuming, especially if you are typing information in manually.

That’s why we created Futura4Data – a flexible user-friendly interface to import and export bulk data in Futura using files rather than manual data entry. Its designed to save you time, improve accuracy and even automate recurring tasks.

It’s a modular solution covering some thirty-five functional areas to import, update and export data including for example information on Items, Stock and Ordering through to FTP and e-commerce uploads.

Most users will already have a number of modules installed as part of their license and others can be unlocked as required (see the list of modules here). Flexible purchase options allow you to buy ‘packages’ or individual modules, moreover, it is an evolving solution with constant updates and new features that even Expert users may be unaware of. If you are an existing user and would like a list of version updates since v5.00.00 click here.

Futura4Data works with common file types including Excel, CSV and TXT and the program is accessed from the desktop. Once logged in, the various modules are displayed via the Navigator menus on the left of your screen grouped under eight headings. Tabs across the top of the page automatically change as different modules are selected.

So, what does the programme allow you to do? It’s a fairly extensive solution covering a range of tasks some of which you may need to run on a regular basis and others which may have only occasional use. But all of them are really useful productivity aids and have been developed with user input and continue to evolve with a roadmap for future development covering yet more features and functions.

Stock Data ModuleUnder the ‘Item & Stock’ data modules for example, you might use the ‘Item Import’ module which allows you to use a file to create products in Futura rather than typing them in manually. This can save a huge amount of time especially if you have access to a supplier’s electronic catalogue.

Other modules in this group include functions to Update existing items, Export existing items including stock, Price Line Build and Edit functions, Stock Quantity and Location Import and Adjustment, EAN Edit and more.

The image on the right includes the full list of functions currently available in Futura4Data and detailed information for each can be found in a comprehensive user guide. To request a copy, click here.

Futura4Data is designed to be easy to use with minimal support and most of the modules share standard controls and processes allowing simple ease of use from one module to another. Drop-down selections and configuration files, for example, are used once data is initially loaded into the program ‘grid’ to select column data types.

Another big time saver here is the ‘Save Configuration’ option available in a number of modules — particularly useful if you are importing the same file on a regular basis.  This allows you to save the header configuration which will speed up processing next time you need to use it. An example might be where you need to import concession sales data. Here the ‘save’ function will allow quicker data import and processing with the resulting information available for reporting or stock replenishment.

Extensive validation to ensure data accuracy is another key feature of Futura4Data. Errors are logged and cells highlighted during data ‘pre-checking’ and these will need correcting in the original file before the data loading process can proceed. A useful feature here is the ‘export’ function which allows you to save the data on the screen into a file, enabling you to quickly target and fix any rejected lines ready for re-loading.

In addition to the ‘Save Configuration’ option, many modules can be set to run automatically, without any user intervention at all. This powerful feature is another great time saver for recurring tasks allowing you to run modules with pre-defined configuration settings in the Futura Night Bookings process or in Windows Task Manager.

So what are you waiting for? If you are tasked with getting data in or out of Futura perhaps to add new product items, edit pricing, or to upload data to a website without rekeying information then, try Futura4Data to increase your speed and productivity. Who knows… you might be surprised to find out just what it can do. For more information and to request the Futura4Data User Guide contact us via email: [email protected] or call us on 01189841925.

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