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E-commerce and the multitude of online channels now available present a real opportunity for ambitious retailers. For smaller retailers particularly it’s an obvious way to extend your footprint without opening new stores and will even put your products in front of a global marketplace.

With more and more consumers searching out products on-line, it’s a great way of levelling the playing field and giving you the chance to win more consumers.

Howleys Toy Stores

Howleys Toy Stores

Delivering sales across multiple channels might look complex, but, with e-commerce platforms like Channel Advisor you can manage business across dozens of channels including Amazon, Google, eBay and Facebook, all with a single inventory feed. It means that you manage information on products, stock availability and pricing, all in one place. ChannelAdvisor then optimises this for the channels you choose.

Better still, with Futura’s web services, you can do it all from within your retail management system – so everything is manageable in one place.

Howleys Toys is a great example. The company, which has stores in Weymouth and Dorchester, chose Futura’s EPOS and retail management solution to improve core retail processes, including stock allocations between store and web, merchandise planning, customer data capture and reporting.

At the same, we are implementing Futura’s web services to provide them with a robust and seamless link with the ChannelAdvisor e-commerce platform.

Inside Howleys Toy Stores

Inside Howleys Toy Stores

Ian Moore, company director of Howleys Toys explains: “Online shopping, E-commerce and social media present a huge opportunity for a business of our size, and it’s also a chance to level the playing field. Moving to Futura is a big step up. We’ll be replacing many manual procedures and believe the benefits we’ll get in terms of stock management, allocations between store and web, seamless integration with Amazon and online marketplaces via the ChannelAdvisor platform, will be huge for a business of our size.”

Web services effectively provide a two way link from the Futura retail management system and will enable Howleys Toys to monitor sales, capture customer data, send product information and manage stock all within one system.

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