3 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Best retail habits

For over 20 years, we have worked with innovative lifestyle retailers and we have identified the three retail habits the most successful retailers adopt to:

  • improve accuracy and
  • increase customer satisfaction

With Futura you’ve got a rich, fully functional management system to help you, so NOW is the time to exploit it and get that competitive edge!  

Habit No 1 – Learn more about your customers

Do you know why your customers love your products and what drives loyalty to your brand? Is it clear which promotions work and how customers like to buy – whether it’s online, in store or from a catalogue? They say ‘Knowledge is Power’, so ensure your staff are always engaged and ready to ask the right questions. Make sure customer preferences, value and purchase histories are properly logged and captured in Futura at every touch point.

Habit No 2 – Clean up your data 

Can you always see your true stock position on any channel at a glance? If not, it’s time to get rid of faulty information and duplication.  Ensure the links to your web store, concessions and stores are seamless to give you a real time view of stock.  As Futura can allocate exactly the right amount of stock to each channel to optimise stock levels, avoid disappointed customers, lost sales and ineffective promotions through improved accuracy. For Steamer Trading,  a focus on stock accuracy helped them double in size in five years.

Habit No 3 – Create ‘value based’ promotions

Menarys Reward Me

Menarys ‘Reward Me’ Loyalty programme.

Are you regularly enticing customers with offers, promotions by post, email , mobile or social media to increase sales?  It’s a great habit to keep you in front of your best customers. Make sure, though, you don’t waste that precious customer data and make sure everyone captures customer mobile numbers and email addresses at the till to build your list. Then, use your customer purchase history to see the best selling products and create ‘value based’ offers with relevant, compelling promotions that hit the spot. If you segment your customers by age and preference, you’ll get an even better take up.

Read how Menary’s implemented Futura4loyalty and added thousands of customers with their ‘Reward Me’ scheme.



Think deeply about your customers and whether you can make it even easier for them to buy from you. Talk to the team at Futura about integrating your website, introducing Loyalty Points or the convenience of Gift Cards or anything else your business needs.

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