Futura4Data - Full module list

Functionality available in Futura4Data includes:

Item/key data maintainance modules

  1. Item / Stock Export Lite
  2. Item / Stock Export Pro
  3. Item Import
  4. Item Import – Uploading new styles
  5. Item Import – Uploading new units and variants into existing styles
  6. Item Update
  7. Stock Import
  8. Price Line Build & Edit
  9. Stock Location Control
  10. Stock Location Export & Delete
  11. Price Point Update
  12. Allocation Import
  13. Target & Minimum Import (Stock)
  14. Target & Minimum Import (Item)
  15. EAN Edit
  16. Price Change
  17. Stock Adjustment
  18. Rounding Rules (for Price Line Build & Edit)
  19. Change Key Term
  20. Item Freeze by Store

Ordering Data Modules

  1. Purchase Order Import / Update
  2. Goods In Import
  3. Customer Order Import
  4. Delivery Note Import (CO)
  5. Purchase Order / Customer Order Link
  6. Purchase Order Copy
  7. IBT Import
  8. Fashion Order
  9. Auto IBT: From DN Date
  10. Auto IBT: From Stock Date

Sales Data Modules

  1. Sales Load (Including Historical)
  2. Sales Load (Additional Pre-Processing Options)
  3. Sales Data Export

 Inventory Data Modules

  1. Inventory Export
  2. Inventory Import

 Address Data Modules

  1. Address Data Export
    1. Optional address export email filter
    2. Specific email delete functionality
  1. Address Data Import
    1. Process to create blank address (‘B’ numbers)
  1. Address Sales History


  1. FTP
  2. Users
  3. Log Display
  4. Concession Item Import Auto
  5. Users & Profiles
  6. INI viewer

Data Warehouse

  1. Item Movement Update


  1. A number of specialised e-Commerce modules (requiring initial set-up and configuration) to export item and stock data, and import Web sales from Channel Advisor and MNP.

'Find items in' Queries

Finding where a specific Item is within some of the Futura modules can be time consuming, this function allows the user to specify an item, and which Futura function the users wishes to search. The report results show the user which procedure number the requested item can be found in.  The current functions available for search are:

  1. Promotions
  2. Customer Orders & Delivery Notes
  3. Target & Minimums
  4. Inventory
  5. Allocations