Data In… Data Out…

Essential time-saving tools to import, export and modify bulk data in Futura

For any number of back office functions getting data in and out of your retail system, quickly and accurately, is a key requirement. This might be to update or modify item data, set new pricing, export items and stock levels, or load new product files. All of these can be time consuming and laborious especially if you are keying information manually, or need IT support to extract the data you need.

Futura4Data provides a set of user friendly tools to import, export and modify bulk data in Futura using files rather than manual data entry. It’s designed to save you time and improve accuracy, and you can even set recurring tasks to run automatically to further streamline processes and productivity.

It’s a modular solution now covering over 35 functional areas, available as ‘packages’ or individual modules depending on your requirements and with data elements covering all file structures within Futura you have complete flexibility.   Click here for the full list of modules.

Futura4Data is designed with standard controls and processes allowing simple ease of use across each module. Drop-down menus are used, once data is loaded into the program grid, to select column data types prior to processing. The save header configuration option, now available across most modules, allows you to store the column headings you define to speed up processing next time you need to run the same routine. Combined with the auto-run option this is a great time saver for recurring tasks.

Data accuracy is crucial and Futura4Data wouldn’t be complete without extensive data validation with data ‘pre-checking’ to flag and highlight issues, enabling you to quickly target and correct errors before data loading can proceed.

Key Features

  • Read from XLSX, XLS, CSV or text files
  • Data selection drop down boxes
  • Extensive validation processes prior to importing data
  • Auto-run function on some modules
  • Easy to use
  • Saves repetitive keying of data and improves accuracy
  • Requires minimal support
  • Available as flexible ‘packages’ or Individual modules as required


For further information on Futura4Data please contact Futura on 01189 841925 or email us at [email protected].

To view a full list of available modules click here.

For details of latest developments and available version updates click here