Confidence in your buying decisions is vital. Futura puts real time data on product performance and stock levels at your fingertips so you can analyse transaction data and plan budgets effectively, react quickly to shortages, or surpluses, and take appropriate actions.

‘Open to Buy’ functionality

Futuras buying functionality ranges from the raising of manual purchase orders to intelligent recommended re-ordering procedures based on target and minimum stock levels. All fully integrated to ‘Open to Buy’ functionality, fast item creation and a flexible product structure to provide complete control. 

It’s simple to compare plans with actuals, check variances for a specific store, product or sales period, and make adjustments accordingly. You can quickly see if you are within budget, whether you need to buy more or pull back. The system even supports remote access for buyers at trade shows or when visiting suppliers.

Targeting stock levels

The system supports minimum and target stock targets with automatic purchase orders when a minimum is reached. In addition to automatic recommended re-ordering, sophisticated “what if” functionality means you can see the effects of buying one range over another, and avoid over-ordering unpopular items and excess fringe sizes. The system also suggests inter-branch transfers before re-ordering becomes necessary.


  • Automatic purchase ordering
  • Target and Minimum stock levels
  • Merchandise planning
  • Supplier performance reporting
  • Recommended reordering
  • Flexible product structure