Futura4AnalysisBusiness Intelligence

As a retailer you expect fast access to the information that drives improved decision-making, and accurate analysis of critical data including margins, profitability and performance so you can respond rapidly to the changing dynamics of your business.

With Futura4Analysis you’ve got powerful interactive business intelligence at the heart of your systems, simplifying analysis and reporting with fast access to the information you need.

Easily customised dashboards and reports allow you to query data across multiple parameters and drill down to the level of detail you need with comprehensive options and reporting styles.

With a library of existing reports developed by Futura with retailers. This will help you to hit the ground running from day one.

Reporting metrics & features include:

  • Sales & stock by all locations / channels and hierarchy levels
  • Buying and open to buy analysis 
  • Hard & soft price markdown distinction
  • Customer loyalty scheme analysis
  • Customer refund and buying pattern analysis
  • Stock taking analysis including store comparisons
  • Top X views on all aspects of reports
  • Exception & inclusion analysis
  • Dynamic criteria selection
  • Automatic output to email / pdf / excel
  • Multiple graphical & text objects including charts and pivot tables
  • Remote access via phone or web browser
  • External data addition from sources such as excel

For more information on Futura4Analysis please download our Futura4Analysis pdf