Roomes of Upminster


To get more detailed sales analysis and understanding of sales patterns

Roomes Morleys GroupMorleys Stores Group, which operates six department stores in the Greater London area, is standardising on Futura’s retail management platform and in the process replacing an IBM based system at its latest acquisition, Roomes of Upminster.

Managing Director David James said: “Our strategy is to have a common platform across all six stores to meet our multi-channel merchandising needs, electing the right partner was an important priority. We chose Futura as a long term partner to help us move the business from its financial focus to unit stock, allowing us to undertake more detailed sales analysis, improve our understanding of sales patterns and increase staff productivity.”


Based on experiences at their flagship store, Elys of Wimbledon, which deployed Futura’s easy to use retail management system to 50 tills last year, the group expects to achieve similar benefits at

Roomes with reduced customer waiting times, improved margins, optimised stock levels and efficiencies across the business. Roomes, which specialises in living, homewares and fashion, will benefit from Futura’s help in speeding up customer ordering with fast data capture at the till. Implementing Futura across both stores has really streamlined the operations by enabling central buying from head office and the group is about to launch its first stored value gift card at flagship store Elys using Futura’s system to help drive customer loyalty. Roomes of Upminster and others in the group are expected to follow.

Futura’s top up gift card module is quick to set up, typically taking just two months to develop and test before going “live”. Cards can be branded and changed seasonally. Since customers can redeem the card many times over, they find the cards easier to use, more secure and better looking than traditional gift vouchers. Ely’s management expect to see a lot of customer take up when the card is launched.

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