Top ten Features in the latest Futura release - 3.36

The latest version of Futuras EPOS and Omni-channel Retail management software, V3.36 is available now, it contains a wide variety of additional features to improve your Futura experience. Some of the enhancements add new or extend capabilities either requested by users, or identified as part of a programme of continuous improvement, and others are improvements to processes and screens you are already familiar with.

If you need help with implementing or understanding any of the features or are undecided about upgrading to the latest version don’t forget we are here to help. Call the team today on 0118 9841 925 if you would like any assistance. 

Full technical documentation outlining all version changes since 3.34 with detailed configuration settings is also available to download here. We have picked our top ten new features give you a flavour of what you can expect.

Promotion Mix & Match: lowest price item discounted logic

There are now two calculation logic options for Promotional Mix & Match offers, giving greater control and flexibility.  Currently if there are a selection of items in a basket and an offer is applied, such as a 3 for 2, Futura defaults to calculate the best price for the customer.  In the latest version the retailer will have the choice to stick with this option or choose to have the till always discount the lowest priced items, regardless of the number of items in the basket.

Coupon printing on receipt

Further extending the promotional functionality in Futura, it is now possible to create a generic coupon which prints at the bottom of a receipt, based on a monetary spend. For example; Spend £20, and a voucher for £5 off future purchases could be generated.

A validity period can be entered, and text can be added to explain the offer.

Use of Range Definitions to manage the locations that Branch Transfers can be created for in-store

If using the till to process Inter branch transfers (IBT’s), it is now possible for Head office to restrict the branch options that are available to send items too.  These controls are set using Range Definitions, meaning that merchandisers and operations staff can easily maintain these controls without needing to access any technical configuration settings.

New Module: POS Report Reprint

There is a new module which allows for POS Report receipts to be reprinted. This is helpful if you have had an issue with the receipt printer which caused the original to not be of use.

Selecting items when processing Receipt Returns

When processing Receipt Returns, a checkbox is now placed against each line, so you can select which items are being returned rather than loading the whole receipt.

This will really speed up the returns process, improving the customer experience, especially during those busy holiday periods.

Improved Customer Order Commissioning calculation

The calculation can be changed to so that the available quantity is increased by the amount of that “reserved” stock, so commissioning will use it to fulfil order, meaning you can use all the stock in your warehouse before needing to order more.

This means that stock holding levels can be decreased.

Mark fields for logging

It is possible to mark certain fields to date/time-stamp when changes are made. This helps with auditing and identifying who is making changes to key fields.

Producing labels via Inter-Branch Transfer Confirmations

It is now possible to generate labels for items that have been booked in via an IBT.  This will speed up the pricing process, getting stock on the shop floor much faster, when receiving branch transfers in store as it will no longer be necessary to manually create labels.

Stock Corrections can now be backdated or manually released after import

Stock Corrections can now be back-dated (to correct stock from an exact date).

They can also be stored and manually released, meaning automated corrections could be checked after import before actually booking any alterations.  This improves the audit train of the stock correction process and also provides the possibility make stock corrections a two-step process of processing and authorising the changes.

EDI item creation enhancement

If an item uses an EDI Supplier, then a search can be done in the EAN/UPC field on the EAN/UPC tab of an item. This searches the PRICAT to find if the Supplier Item Number exists and if the barcode has been passed across.

This can speed up creating items manually as additional screen do not need to be opened and searched.