5 things you need to KNOW about the New Version of Futura

To improve functionality, increase flexibility and make working with Futura even more productive for both in-store and head office staff, Futura has announced version 3.26 which includes an extensive range of new technical settings, user enhancements and changes.

If you have already implemented the new version and need help using specific features, or if you are thinking about moving up to 3.26 but haven’t taken the plunge, don’t forget the Futura support team is here to help. Telephone the team today on 0118 984 1925.

So what’s new?

We’ve made changes and enhancements as a direct result of your input - customers across the UK and Europe. Improvements reflect a wide range of requirements to make working with Futura easier and more effective.

Here’s a taster of some of the changes:

  • Foreign CurrencyMulti-currency support just got better. Where previously you needed multiple head office databases, one for each currency, with associated promotions, price changes and reports - it’s now all supported in just one database. This is a real time saver for international retailers or anyone about to start trading in more than one currency. This also reduces time and complexity in the over-night polling processes. 
  • Promotions – For head office staff, creating Promotions is much easier with all round greater flexibility. These now includes currency and item attribute filtering, Mix & Match and the ability to stipulate groups of promotion items that may have no ‘common attributes’ without keying lots of individual codes. 
  • Scanning coupons as part payment at the till – We know this has been a hotly awaited development and in version 3.26 it’s here! It means you can now accept coupons at the till and enhance your marketing with promotional vouchers, inserts and magazine coupons. 
  • Trickle Feed – Commonly known as remote request, this function has been extended to allow ‘push poll’. This is where once a store has completed its POS report it will automatically connect to office and provide data immediately as opposed to waiting overnight. Additionally, store receipt pull back to head office allows you to scan a receipt barcode at a different till or store to support returns better. 
  • Till Security – always an important subject, it’s no longer required to log in to run a price check, a potential issue for many stores in the past. It makes the process very much quicker and limits the number of void receipts going through the till. Other improvements include limits to permitted payment types, processing no sales and line deleting at the till.

To access the full 75 page technical guide, documenting all the version changes, click here. If you would like further guidance on the changes and how they will benefit your operations or help with implementation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01189 841925.