Privacy Policy

This document has been produced to explain how Futura Retail Solutions Ltd. holds data about you and complies with the GDPR regulations introduced in May 2018. It seeks to highlight what data is held by Futura, where we hold it, and what we do with it. If there are any omissions or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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In this document we will talk about Futura (‘we’), our customers (‘you, your’) and any data you hold (‘your data’).

What Identifiable Data Do We Hold?

This generally falls into two categories: -

A.               Data we have held on you directly (long term basis).

B.               Data we hold on your behalf (short term basis).


A.     Data We Hold On You (and what is it used for?)

  • Address / Contact Data – This is held to allow us to communicate with you.
  • Support Information – This is used for remote support & training.
  • Support Call Data – This is used by our support system to log calls to provide you support with the system and include your location address and contact.
  • Further Opt-In Details – This is used to store your opt-in / out details for communications from us & our marketing partner GSPR including our emailed blog etc.

None of the above data is ever passed to any other third-party organisation.

B.     Data We Hold On Your Behalf (and what is it used for?)

  • Emailed / copied documents such as item or address load information – These have normally been sent or passed to us for upload or data handling purposes.
  • Data extracts from your system – This can be just certain information, or full database copies & backups. This is used for support, training or development purposes.

It is understood that your data is sensitive information, and where it is used for any of the purposes mentioned above, it is not shared with any persons outside of those agreed within your organisation, nor outside of ours.

Additionally, it will NOT be used within our organisation itself for any marketing or obtaining contact details, nor passed to any other third-party organisation.

It is electronically stored within the boundaries of our organisation, that being our offices and IT systems within it (which includes a network security structure to prevent unauthorised access).

Please note that our organisation occasionally and by exception, extends to include our European Futura colleagues for support purposes (who are also covered by GDPR regulations).

The staff that access this data internally are also aware of the confidential nature of this data and protect it accordingly. Should there ever be a data breach of any nature, they are also aware of their responsibilities to report this.


How long (& how) do we store data?

Section A (‘About you’ data) - General contact data is held on an ongoing basis & only edited, changed or deleted, at your request i.e. it may be that you decide to log a new support call, change your address or alternatively opt out of our email blog. Obviously for new customers or just new sites within an existing customer such as a new branch, these details are captured additionally as new.

Section B (‘Your’ data) – Wherever possible data is used remotely on the customer site, but if we have the need for the data within our office, this is held on a limited and / or anonymised basis. What this means is that data is kept for as little time as is practically possible, to be able to address any support, testing and development issues.

If this data is held for an extended period, then certain data will be anonymised or deleted, that being primarily address and related sales history, but also any other sensitive data is appropriate.

Additionally, we have created a system tool that allows us to remove this data if we have copied it from you and do not need it. As an example, if we were to take a system backup for a support call, we would then use this tool to apply an anonymisation or deletion of address data, straight after receiving the backup, as this data is not necessary to carry out this function.

Your Rights

You are under no legal or contractual obligation to provide us any of the data mentioned above, outside of those required by financial or legal regulation, such as maintaining invoice & accounting data for HMRC etc.

You can also at any time ask us to inspect / remove / update any of this data as necessary, by contacting our office. You can also request what data we have via calling our office, and explaining that you would like to request data we have on you.

More specifically, the GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right of access
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to erasure
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

Details of the relevant detail for each of these rights can be found on the ICO website

Exceptional & Other Circumstance

For the purposes of GDPR regulations only, If the Futura business were ever to change hands, then any customer data (our information about you) would only be passed across with your written consent. Any of your own existing data that may still be on premise i.e. for support purposes etc. would be deleted.

This document may change over time as regulations do, or to offer further information and clarity to existing points. If you are in any doubt about the current validity of this document, then please do not hesitate to contact our office who can ensure you have the latest version.

If anything is unclear or not addressed, or you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.