Group Training Sessions 2016

Many of our customers benefit from group training seminars run at our training facilities at The Old Forge.  

These sessions are open to all our customers and provide a cost effective option to train staff.  By definition these days cannot be customer specific.

The cost is £110-00 + VAT per delegate per day.   This price includes light refreshments and lunch.

8 is the maximum number of delegates we can accommodate at any one session.  Please note we reserve the right to cancel courses where the number falls below 4 attendees. 

The option for a short introduction will take place at the beginning of all courses to show any existing and new system navigation and shortcuts.

As places are limited, we would advise that you book as soon as possible by emailing [email protected] stating the course, the date and the number of places required. 

Please note that due to the restricted numbers on these courses, we require notification of cancellation AT LEAST 1 week prior to the course date.  Failure to do so will result in a charge in full. 

The course dates for 2016 are as follow; please see further down the page for a more detailed breakdown of each course.

  • Seminar 1 - Purchasing, Price Changes and Promotions  

Thursday 23rd February 2016

Tuesday 7th June 2016            

  • Seminar 2 – Stock Management (Stock Audit)

Tuesday 5th April 2016       

Thursday 15th September 2016        

  • Seminar 3 – Warehouse Management

Thursday 28th April 2016

Tuesday 11th October 2016      

  • Seminar 4 – Reporting

Tuesday 10th May 2016          

Thursday 10th November 2016  


Detailed breakdown of the various course contents are as follows:

Basic Introduction at the start of each course (optional)

1) Basic Introduction

  1. How to use
  2. How to copy records
  3. Screen layouts use of OK, Save, Cancel & Delete buttons
  4. Item and Stock Search functions
  5. Using Help
  6. Stock screen review and trickle feed principles

2) Item Review

  1. Creating new Product Categories.
  2. Creating Unit/Variant tables (colour/size matrix)
  3. Use of Units and Variants (colour size) in a matrix
  4. Changing structure


Seminar 1 – Purchasing, Price Changes and Promotions

 1) Review of Purchase Ordering (Maintenance)

  1.  Use of Auto-texts and how to attach special texts to a supplier
  2. Attaching Additional Costs
  3.  Pack-ordering
  4.  Linking to Budgets for OTB (Open to Buy)

 2) Purchase Planning (Fashion Order)

  1. Functional Overview use in Head Office and remote on Lap Tops
  2. Creation of Items and Purchase Orders in one go
  3. Using History to suggest distribution/buying split quantities
  4. Linking to Budgets for OTB (Open to Buy)
  5. Downloading Purchase Orders as Branch Specific Orders
  6. Downloading as a Warehouse Order with a Branch Allocation
  7. Downloading as a Warehouse Order without an Allocation

3) Purchase Order Recommendations (Core Items)

  1. Setting Minimum Stock Levels
  2. Running Order Recommendations

4) Price Changes and Promotions

Seminar 2 – Stock Management (Stock Audit)

1) Inventory 

  1. Functional Overview
  2. Using Lists
  3. Using Sets and Scanners
  4. Reporting

 2) Goods In and Transfers

  1. Goods In with and without a Purchase Order
  2. Branch Transfers
  3. Copy and Reversing Goods In
  4. Copy and Reversing Branch Transfers
  5. Cost Price Corrections

3) Stock Corrections

4) Stock Auditing and problem solving

  1. Reports
  2. Item History
  3. Tracking item movements 

Seminar 3 – Warehouse Management

1) Goods In

  1. Goods In with and without a Purchase Order
  2. Copying and Reversing Goods In
  3. Creating Stock Locations for ‘put away’

 2) Allocations

  1. Allocation Planning against Branch pre-planned Purchase Orders
  2. Allocation Planning against Purchase Orders and Goods In
  3.  Using Goods In assigning
  4. Manual Allocations
  5. Using Allocation Planning to redistribute stock from any location 
  6. Creating Replenishments 

 3) Picking and Despatch

  1. Pick Lists
  2. Rectifications
  3. Despatch Notes


Seminar 4 – Reporting

1) POS/ branch Reports 

2) General Reports

  1. Item overview, adding reporting attributes, Item Lists
  2. Stick lists
  3. Goods In Logs
  4. Open Purchase Order Lists
  5. Inter branch transfer reports

3) Statistics

  1. Understanding Calculations
  2. Cost Price Correction
  3. Product Statistics Report
  4. STPS Screen Reports
  5. STPS Print Outs
  6. STPS Trend Analysis

On-Line Training 

As an alternative if you do not wish to travel, we  can offer ‘on line training’ sessions at £90 an hour.  This involves us dialling into your PC remotely at the same time giving instruction by telephone.  Many of our customers have made use of this ‘one on one’ facility, in particular, where more involved training can be broken down into smaller sessions.