Speciality stores

Support for Speciality Retailers

As a Speciality or Value Retailer you’ll want powerful inventory management to support thousands of stock lines. And you’ll need flexible product categories to handle a diverse range of goods covering home and garden, gifts and healthcare, confectionary, toys and seasonal items.

Futura delivers a robust retail platform, with an EPOS solution that’s easy to learn and use with fast transactions at the till, and fully integrated PCI compliant chip and pin. Installed by brands like 99p Stores and Factory Stores, Futura gives you real-time stock visibility across all your branches, with detailed business intelligence on sales, margins and shrinkage to support accurate decision making and demand forecasting.

Linking stores, warehouse and head office staff, Futura makes it easy to monitor performance, even individual productivity, and improve ordering and store replenishment. A range of features, like recommended ordering and automatic replenishment add flexibility, save time and increase accuracy.

Key functionality includes:

  • Flexible category management to handle varied product types
  • Powerful inventory management to support thousands of product lines
  • Recommended Ordering and Automatic Replenishments
  • Easy to learn and use EPOS solution
  • Fast product ‘look ups’Real time stock visibility across branches, warehouses and other channels
  • Detailed business intelligence on sales, margins and shrinkage
  • Staff Productivity Analysis
  • Responsive 364 day support
  • Fully integrated, PCI Compliant, Chip and Pin