Saltrock - Switches To Futura’s EPOS System

With over 40 stores across the South West of England, lifestyle brand Saltrock, which set out selling T-shirts with surfing motifs, today offers a vibrant collection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, showcasing six new collections a year. 

Saltrock switched to Futura’s EPOS and head office retail management system during 2015 to help drive performance across an expanding UK store network - the company plans to almost double this to 75 stores by the end of 2016 - and at the same time support strong UK and international online sales.

The requirement was for a robust, scalable, multi-channel solution capable of supporting the growing needs of the business and linking both warehouse and online operations in a cohesive enterprise solution.  

Key functionality is provided by Futura’s Web Services API , providing seamless real time links to Saltrock’s third party warehouse solution and to their website, helping to improve management control and streamline stock allocations and merchandise planning. Saltrock also plans to roll out Click and Collect during 2016.

CRM functions within Futura together with improved customer data capture at the till and Futura gift functionality, will all add to delivering the right customer shopping experience in store and online.

Saltrock SauntonRichie Jones, Head of Digital and Marketing at Saltrock said:

“Evolving the brand to appeal to young lifestyle savvy families and expanding our reach with a growing multichannel strategy that includes a growing store network and a new website to better showcase our brand, needed a new retail management system.”

“Designed for lifestyle retailers like us, Futura provides the perfect platform to a deliver the right customer experience and the management control to react effectively to changing demands on the business.” 



  • Expanding store network of over 40 stores
  • Futura Web Services API for online integration
  • Cohesive enterprise solution linking stores, web and warehouse operations
  • Streamline stock allocations and merchandise planning
  • CRM, gift card, data capture and click and collect 

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