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- first 25 stores implemented within 14 days

99p store Derby99p Stores have selected Futura’s proven, retail management system to replace Torex’s DOS based system in all of its 116 stores for its ability to strengthen 99p Store’s aggressive expansion plans and to secure customer loyalty with its chip and pin solution.

Following a successful pilot, Futura scheduled an ambitious roll-out programme to change both software and platform, reducing the normal roll out period from 6 months to 2 months.

UK brand's boss and Commercial Director Hussein Lalani said: Unlike other systems on the market Futura can handle 99p Store’s unique bulk purchasing, commodity and category management requirements. We chose Futura as it is quick for our staff to learn, for its ability to link to our warehouse system, allocate stock to our website and give real time management reports.”

For 99p Stores the ability to move stock quickly around the business is vital, so Futura’s efficiency of allocations and replenishment systems, capability for automatic ordering, forecast purchasing and accommodating import purchasing was important.

Said Hussein Lalani: “We are going to use Analyser, Futura’s reporting and analysis tool next to have greater management visibility of margin trends, daily sales and shrinkage. Then we shall look at Futura’s customer loyalty programme and e-gift card facilities to improve the customer shopping experience.

Ian Royall, Managing Director of Futura said: “The architecture of the system combines functional richness, flexibility, ease of use while maintaining unparalleled robustness. This robustness stems from its rock solid foundation and pedigree, affording any expansion clients may require in the future.”

99p stores

The 99p Stores brand was conceived in 2001 in "booming Britain" by entrepreneur Nadir Lalani, along with his two sons Hussein and Faisal. All three are co-founders.

They opened their first store in Holloway, North London, before a year later taking the decision to expand throughout the UK - anticipating Britons would soon become more cost-conscious.

It was a calculated risk. But it paid off. Not just for them but for more than one million bargain-hungry Britons who are now regular clients and part of the "99p Family", adds Hussein.

The stores have around 4,000 different 99p items extending from cosmetics to catering .. gardening to gifts .. food to fashion - even bagged pick 'n mix!

This year the 99p brand has in particular targeted former Woolworths sites with plans to move into lots more former Woolworths stores by the end of this year.

The bargain busting brand is based in Daventry, Northants - where it houses an aircraft-style hangar which is home to all its fast-moving 99p products.

The company is also a major UK employer - employing more than 3,000 people and with plans to double this number to 6,000 by next year.

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