Wilkies - A Clear Understanding Of Their Customers

A clear understanding of their customers, combined with real time sales data to drive relationships with some 40 concession partners, is helping Scottish fashion chain Wilkies to thrive and grow. 

With eleven stores across Scotland selling classic ladies fashion and menswear brands, including shoes and accessories, Wilkies has relied on Futuras EPOS and Retail Management solution since 2006 to provide robust in store and head office functionality. Other advantages include electronic interface to the AIS buying group and CENPAC to cut administration, together with the management information and business intelligence that inspires confident decision making

By spotting gaps in local markets to offer customers a ‘mini department store solution’ and at the same time rubbing shoulders with some much bigger brands, Wilkies believes it is helping them to ‘punch above their weight’.

“Like any retailer, accurate up to the minute data is crucial to our business”, explains Clare Beck, Wilkies’ Financial Director. “With Futura we know exactly where we are at any given time with sales and margin data, even delivered direct to smart phones. Our data is as good as any much larger retailer out there.”

POS performance in store is also important. Here speed and reliability ensure a positive experience for customers. Information look-up and data capture is fast, and a user friendly interface provides sales staff and store managers with access to rich functionality. Daily updates and sales data provides the information needed to ensure the right stock in the right place to meet customer demand.

Wilkies also uses the Futura reward card solution, integrated seamlessly at the till, to drive promotions and improve customer loyalty and Wilkies was the first to deploy the Futura EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) module, to provide seamless computerised interaction with leading European and International trading partners.

By using EDI to automate the exchange of business information to and from trading partners, Wilkies can further improve speed of response in the highly competitive fashion sector, strengthen relationships with suppliers and at the same time extend the choices available to customers across its store network.  


  • Real time data and full visibility
  • Seamless reward card solution
  • Improved customer analysis and promotions
  • EDI opens up brand access and levels playing field
  • Improved relationships with concession partners
  • Interface with AIS and CENPAC

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