Canterbury Cathedral


Canterbury-cathedral-gift-shopIt costs Canterbury Cathedral over £10,000 every day to maintain the Cathedral and its services, so the online store, high street and Cathedral gift shops need to be highly profitable. The gift store’s General Manager Chris Needham has chosen to upgrade to Futura’s retail management system for its business intelligence and ability get the right stock in the right place at the right time.

Chris and his retail team spent seven months evaluating different systems to see which would give the best stock control, fastest reporting and could develop alongside the Cathedral gift shop to best fit their needs.

Chris Needham commented: “Knowing that Futura is a member of the Association for Cultural Enterprises and being able to talk to other Futura users such as the Science Museum and receive their personal recommendation for the system helped us decide that it was the best choice for us. Futura understands the industry and their technology is best suited to our needs.” He added, “Moreover, our current supplier is not Chip and PIN compliant so we are delighted that Futura is able to implement Integral’s Chip and PIN solution.”

Futura’s deep business intelligence will enable the management team to pull down daily sales and stock reports and to see at a glance what is selling strongly. In future the team will move to Futura’s recommended reordering and possible auto-replenishment to ensure top sellers are always in stock.”

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