Best ten features in the latest version of Futura – 3.34

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There are a whole host of additional features and product upgrades to improve functionality, productivity and ease of use in version 3.34 of Futura.  Some will add new or extended capabilities either requested by users, or identified as part of a programme of continuous improvement, and others are improvements to processes and screens you are already familiar with.

The new version is available now, some of you have it already, if you need help with implementing or understanding any of the features or are undecided about upgrading to the latest version don’t forget we are here to help. Call the team today on 0118 984 1925 if you would like any assistance. 

Full technical documentation outlining all version changes since 3.32 with detailed configuration settings is also available to download from the website, click here. We have picked out ten new features that you’ve requested to give you a flavour of what you can expect:

1. Helping to improve buying and pricing decisions. Something which will be valuable to every user is an improved reporting facility adding up to 10 item attributes which can be mapped and tracked in statistics. Values and changes you make will be reflected in standard reports in the same way as fields, for example Origin or Sales Area. For instance, a merchandiser could create a setting to see an item’s full history, including the number of sales made at full price versus markdowns. Visibility across ten different attributes will enable you to make improved buying and pricing decisions.

2. Task list deployment. Task Lists and Workflows have always been useful to remind staff when an action is required to complete a process correctly. In fact, you can apply these to a number of business process; improving accuracy for Inter-Branch Transfers is just one example. Up until now Task lists had to be created individually in each branch, but with the new version these can be created once at Head Office and polled to all stores – increasing accuracy, streamlining processes and saving you time.

3. Allocations at a glance. Purchase Order Allocation plans are now clearer in the latest version with less chance of accidental errors or data discrepancies. In the Purchase Order Detail screen, the ‘ALLOCATION F7’ button at the bottom left will now be highlighted with a red outline, whenever an allocation plan is entered on a specific line item. The benefit to a merchandiser is that it’s quicker to see if stock is already allocated, without needing to open a separate file and you can see your position at-a-glance.

4. Improved PO Allocation logic has also been updated so that where individual manual allocation plans are created, these will take priority over your pre-set targets and minimum stock level requirements.

5. Stock Taking and Inventory Screen improvements. In the latest version it is now possible to refer to the Inventory Selection Criteria that has been applied to an Inventory, after it has been started. This enables you to look at your inventory and check your selection more easily.

5. Pre-dated stock correction summaries – A useful new facility for Head Office and finance staff enables you to add stock correction summaries to the end of your Inventory Analysis. So, for example, you can set this to print a summary either by stock correction reason, by date, or by reason and date. This provides you with an easy summary to help identify how many units have been adjusted with a ‘damaged’ stock reason code since the last stocktake without needing to create a separate report.

6. Receipt Returns in ASP environments. A new feature in the latest version enables different branches within the same location to receive Head Offices changes instantly without delayed overnight polling. This is especially useful for accurately refunding same-day transactions that originate from a different store. An example would be where you might have several outlets at the same location and a customer could purchase at one and then try to return the goods at another.  This can highlight potential stock or fraud issues and helps to deal quickly with customer returns.

7. Customer marketing gets a boost. You can now print QR Codes on till receipts to direct customers to a web page. This could be to drive in-store marketing, including product promotions, special offers, competitions, or any number of messages to continue the customer dialogue after they have left the store.

8. Gift Receipts – the speed with which these can be created has been optimised in version 3.34. A checkbox against each till item allows you to select which items to print on the gift receipt. Leaving the transaction list open on screen allows additional gift receipts to be created with different items, all within the same till transaction. The benefit is speed at the till and improved customer experience especially at those busy holiday periods.

9.  Special Gift Receipt footer text is also added, allowing you to create a bespoke marketing message on the footer of the Gift Receipt with opportunities to promote or inform the recipient perhaps with information covering refund policies, special offers or companion products.

10. A new Delta Overview module. Finally, we’ve added a new Delta Overview module providing a summary of un-booked stock movements by branch and the ability to delete outstanding delta records when a branch has closed down. This is especially useful where the final trading information from the final day is not fully completed for one reason or another, leading to stocktaking and inventory discrepancies and other issues.

So, there you have it, ten new features offering something for everyone and ten good reasons to upgrade to the latest version. Don’t forget the technical guide for more detailed information and if you need help on any aspect call the team now or log a call.

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