Are you getting the most from your customer data?

Recent stories in the press like Glynn Davis’s article discussing evolving skill-sets in interpreting and analysing  customer data in



Retail Bulletin, highlight a real issue. He argues that more emphasis should be placed on mathematics and data in the retail marketing role, if retailers are to make sense of, and profit from, the sheer breadth and volume of customer data now at their fingertips.

As he explains, “not only have the volumes of data increased, but the variety has also grown massively – now taking in channels that marketers never had access to before”.

Of course none of us would disagree with this, as the growth of mobile and web data plus social media has changed the landscape completely. But, if large tier one retailers are struggling with the right skills-sets to interpret and analyse this data, how are other retailers without  a dedicated analytical marketing role coping? Especially mid-tier fashion houses, lifestyle retailers and other high street brands? These are often the very companies that need this customer insight to compete with larger businesses and to drive positive engagement and loyalty with their customers.



As we have always put customer intelligence – that all-important 360 degree view – at the core of our retail management solution, our customised data mining tools, Futura4Analysis and Futura CRM all combine to save you time and help you to the right marketing decisions.  Helping you understand what customers want with fast analysis means you can react quickly too.

So, while you might not be ready to employ maths graduates and statisticians to pore over loyalty card and web data, you can still benefit from data-driven marketing. It means you can develop accurate customer insights, appropriate customer communications and ultimately improve engagement and loyalty too.

To see how Futura can help your customer insight, talk to us on 01189 841925 or click here.


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