How great is your customer service?

Customer service is a major factor in shaping an individual’s shopping experience — when it’s good, it contributes in no small way to continuing loyalty. And it’s one of the elements that defines your brand.

But, unless asked, few customers will stop to think about good service. It’s only when it goes wrong that it gets their full attention. And, you’ll either hear about it quickly or lose them as customers. Only occasionally will you get the opportunity to turn the situation around.

So – good service is vital. And if it’s something you value, then it’s something you should look after. But, it is quite hard to measure. So watching, listening, engaging and asking your customers what they think, is key.  By doing this you draw attention to your service values, spot where to improve and at the same time get staff thinking positively.

Little things can make the difference – a winning smile, honesty not excuses, being interested and helpful without being pushy, quick to respond and wanting to please – all good qualities to develop. Mentoring, regular training and gentle reminders all help. And getting staff to contribute to the process encourages them to take ownership.

If it’s important to you, then it’s something you should expect from your suppliers too. And that includes Futura. Technology that won’t do what you want to do is no good to anybody. So we make service our priority with a senior UK based support team dedicated to resolving your problems. They’re real people, with a personal interest in your success, on hand when you need them and often exceeding the expectations of the customers. These people are one of things we are most proud of at Futura as we believe this differentiates our business from other software providers.

Clare Beck, FD of Wilkies Womenswear says "Good customer service is crucial for us.  It makes the difference between getting the job in hand done and helping us to plan wisely for the future.  Staff at Futura really understand their product, but they also know and understand us.  That makes a real difference.   Support is fast and responsive to their needs and they frequently go above and beyond the call of duty - a quality we value in own own customer relationships".

Did you know that the engineers who take your call are the very same team who develop and implement the system? We believe that the best way to keep up to date with our clients needs is to be fully engaged in the daily requests that come into the support office.  This helps shape our product direction and enables us to deliver Great Service too.